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In the event that you are completely unhappy with the quality or professionalism of our services, we will provide you with a full refund. Obviously this policy leaves us open to opportunists but we are happy to take this risk. In the event that you are moderately unhappy with our cleaning or specialist service you will also be given the option of us returning to your villa/apartment/office to see if we can bring the quality up to your level of expectation.
Applicable agency fees will be refunded under certain conditions, namely:
1) The client or housekeeper will be away for a period of 4 weeks or more, and no cover is wanted (e.g. extended holidays, renovations or illness)

2) Housekeeper calls in sick or goes on holiday and Mmmarvellous is unable to provide cover within three working days of your normal cleaning day. (The client must inform us of the absence and need for cover.)

3) The office must be notified prior to service stopping, and when service resumes. When the housekeeper restarts, forward a copy of the Housekeepers Earnings Receipt Form so the refund can be organized.

4) If the selected job is not completed withing 30 days or if client changes his mind regarding working with us then Refunds will be given.

5) If you are not satisfies with the service of PrettyPolly Cleaning Services, LLC then client must contact us within twenty four hours of the cleaning procedure in order to get a free re-evaluation.

6) After a free re-evaluation if the client is still not satisfied or if one of PrettyPolly Cleaning Services, LLC's representative is not able to get in touch with the client within 24 hours then Refunds will be given.

Refunds will NOT be given under the following circumstances:
1) Holidays, trips or other requested breaks in service of less than 4 weeks.

2) We provide a replacement housekeeper within 3 working days, but you refuse the service.

3)You decide on short notice not to have your housekeeper come to work. (While there are times that this is necessary, cancelling on short notice inconveniences the housekeeper and puts them out of pocket. We ask that avoid doing this unless absolutely necessary.) 

4)We are not informed prior to the break in service (also applicable to holidays.)

5)We are not informed of a missed clean before or as soon as it occurs.

The Refund claims process is as follows:
1) Completed form must be sent to our office, so we can calculate the amount of refund due.

2) Refunds are processed within 45 days of our receiving complete information from the client.

3) Refunds will be done only through the Original Mode of Payment


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Email: cleaning@prettypollycleaning.ae
Phone: +971 50 917 4000