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F.A.Q !

>        What happens if I am not satisfied with the quality of the work completed ?
          We always strive to make the client experience a happy one. That is why so much of our business is from existing clients and why they are happy to recommend us. We do however appreciate that sometimes we are not perfect. In the event that you have a credible basis for a complaint we will endeavour to correct our shortcomings and if you are still not satisfied we will compensate you for the work with which you are not happy.
>        Are all your staff legal as per UAE Labour and Immigration Laws ?
          Yes. In the 11 years of our existence we have never once had any issues or breaches of any Laws within the UAE. We are also conscious that you personally run the risk of an AED 50,000 fine in the event that you use the services of an illegal maid/cleaning help. And this is something we would not risk.
>        Are your staff trained ?
          Yes and additionally receive updated training every few months. All our staff get induction training in a 5 star hotel with which we are associated, before we unleash them on you!!!
>        Do you have insurance against loss or damage to the items in my house ?
           No we don't. Insurance companies in Dubai are vary wary about providing such insurance. They have discovered that there are too many 'opportunists'. Too many fake or false claims. Hence where this insurance exists it is far too cost prohibitive. We do however compensate a client for any provable and credible damage suffered by you though the acts of one of our employees
>        How do you keep your staff motivated ?
          Our staff are our most important asset. This is not just another 'corporate-style' statement. We really put effort into making them feel appreciated and part of a family. We have regular parties together. They are paid above (if not the highest) the market remuneration levels. We have an interest in their family circumstances and assist where possible. We know and acknowledge with a gift each members birthday. We celebrate Christmas and Eid's together. We are, despite our size, a culturally happy and special family.    

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Phone: +971 50 917 4000