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Most of what needs to be said about Pretty Polly has already been covered. But what you might not know is that it is an Irish/Arab owned partnership. Its name was partly an accident - in that our 4 top choices were dis-allowed by the Economic Department in the name registration process. Fun times. But today the Pretty Polly name is synonymous with success, reliability and just a great company to work in or be a client of. Whatever your relationship with us we really appreciate knowing you and hope that you are happy to be related to us.

Pretty Polly is in its 11th year of serving the community of Dubai. We have grown from a small group to a current day family of 75+. While there have been moments of great challenge in growing to this size, our family/staff wear the uniform with pride and enthusiasm. Our employee retention level is very high. We also like to believe that the many people who have used our service were more than satisfied with the results. Hence we have a very high customer retention level.

We have two offices in Dubai and are currently exploring an expansion into Abu Dhabi. The equipment we use is state-of-art and materials/chemicals are eco-friendly. We provide many specialist services (oven cleaning, bed bug treatments etc). We enjoy what we do and are always looking at new ways to improve and innovate.

If you are an existing client, thank you very much for your business. If you are not, we would love you to be part of our next stage of growth and experience what so many others across Dubai have been keeping a secret.


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Phone: +971 50 917 4000